Foam & Water Spray Nozzles

Water spray system uses small specifically designed nozzles to discharge water on hazard. Water is discharged from these nozzles in the form of spray having pre-determined pattern, particle size, velocity & discharge density. Water Spray system is largely used for fire suppression of gaseous & flammable liquids, oil tank cooling, electrical hazards like transformers, cable trays/runs, ordinary combustibles like wood/paper/textiles etc. 

Firetech water spray nozzles range consists of medium velocity water spray nozzles, high velocity water spray nozzles, water curtain nozzles, tank cooling nozzles, reverse action nozzles, jumbo curtain nozzles and revolving nozzles. 

High velocity nozzles (HV) are principally used in water spray systems for the protection of fixed hazards such as transformers and circuit breakers. Water curtain nozzles distribute water in a flat pattern extending all the way to the ground. Water curtain is produced to segregate the area, which is under fire. Our nozzles are UL Listed and/or FM Approved. Not all models may carry all approvals. Please refer to product catalogues for approval information, technical specifications and ordering information.

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