We are an industry leader in fire protection services, we offers a whole range of diversified products and system solutions like fire detection systems, fire alarm, power plant and oil refinery fire protection, and fire suppression systems tailored to meet customers’ special needs.

At Firetech we provide design, supply, installation/ commissioning support of various systems all under one roof for superior customer satisfaction and convenience. We have many prestigious projects worldwide such as industrial manufacturing plants, power generation stations and Oil and Gas facilities for both the Private and the Government sectors.

Industries We Serve

Oil, Gas Fire Protection

  • Fire in any type of storage tank, or in the surrounding bund, is a challenge to both fire fighters and tank operators equally.
  • From the fire protection perspective the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) publishes guidelines for tank fire protection in NFPA 11. These classify the products stored by the type of fire hazard and specify the foam delivery rates, layout, and spacing of foam delivery systems. The Foam application rates depend on the tank contents where fixed foam systems are installed. Firetech manufactures a wide range of fire protection products and systems, which meet international and Indian safety guidelines for the storage of petroleum products in terminals, refineries and petrochemical installations. The selecting of the correct equipment to protect your specific risks is very important, we can support you with support from our in-house engineering and design team.
  • Firetech Fixed foam systems for open all types of flammable liquid storage tanks is a ideal solution. Firetech chambers and rim seal foam pourers cover a wide range of flow rates and offer effective foam discharge solutions, making these ideal systems for storage tank applications.
  • Firetech Foam bladder tank systems provide accurate, dependable, and cost-effective foam fire protection for a variety of flammable/combustible hazard areas, with no external power other than water pressure an ideal solution. Water pressure is applied from  outside surface of the bladder, displacing foam the concentrate inside the bladder, which then is injected into the water stream though the portioner for the right foam water mixture solution.
  • Bund protection equipment is critical and often ignored. However in case of a fire in the bund area resulting from a leaking tank, valve or a fractured pipe can result in a fire incident. A medium expansion foam system is used to protect the bund from fire and can provide also provide vapour suppression. Firetech Medium expansion Pourers can be used in this regard. The same is also suggested as per MB Lal Committee report.
  • Water cooling for adjoining tanks is critical to minimise the effect of radiant heat and the possibility of fire spreading to other tanks within in the same bund. Deluge water type spray fixed systems along with Medium velocity water spray nozzles are often used for this purpose. Firetech manufactures a wide range of Medium Velocity Spray nozzles of multiple k-factors and spray angles to offer effective spray pattern. These systems are designed as per NFPA 15. Fixed monitors are also often installed at critical points around tank bunds to supplement the rim seal systems. Firetech Monitor can be used for tank firefighting as additional support of the fixed foam system. Other options include Lever Operated or an Oscillating Monitor.
  • Foam-water sprinkler systems for flammable liquid storage and handling areas. These systems are designed as per NFPA 16. Foam sprinkler systems are more effective than a water-only system when evaluated for the same risk. They provide for actual extinguishment of the fire and a lower water demand.

Power & Transmission

  • Power plants are usually characterized by complex overall systems. In addition conditions like extremely hot surfaces and lubricating oils pose huge fire risks.
  • Firetech has been dedicated to providing specialty fire detection and protection concepts from for over 25 years.
  • Firetech deluge systems are suitable for use in areas where a fire can spread particularly quickly, e.g. on coal conveyor systems and transformers. Equipped with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric triggers, deluge systems attack the fire at lightning speed through open nozzles. They also prevent re-ignition by cooling down. In certain risk areas fire fighting foam is added to the deluge system to add to the suppression effect.
  • In order to provide fire protection for coal storage areas, extinguishing monitors are used, which combat fires from a safe distance and cool objects at risk of ignition as a preventative measure. 
  • High-velocity water spray nozzles are ideal for protection of fixed hazards such as transformers, circuit breakers, turbo alternators, lube oil systems, oil fired boilers, and similar hazards.
  • Fixed water spray systems are designed as per NFPA 15.

Ports & Jetty's

  • At ports & Jetty’s the loading and off-loading from oil tankers and different chemical cargo ships is a highly risky operation with a potentially fire risk. With the increase in maritime transport of dangerous and flammable products have also increased the magnitude of the associated risk. The increased chances of ship collisions either with the jetty or with each other, product or vapour explosions, product spills and improper product transfer are all potential threats.
  • Properly placed remote controlled foam and water monitors can protect and provide means of escape for personnel from the jetty, loading arms area, pump and control rooms. Ideally placed can also offer additional fire cover on the vessel should a fire occur nearby on deck during loading and off-loading operations. Firetech with our advanced Fire Engineering is very experienced in jetty and dock protection offering the comprehensive range of Firetech Fire monitors and associated equipment including under jetty foam systems.
  • One classic example is Firetech solution provided for New Mangalore Port Trust – 6,000LPM Electro Hydraulic Tower Monitor provided. System consisting of 4 tower monitors, curtain nozzles and foam proportioning equipment.

Offshore Platforms, Helidecks and Helipads

Ofshore Platfforms

    • Offsore oil and gases production can produce a highly combustible and unstable atmosphere, Fire detection and extinguishing systems in such conditions is very critical and possibly automatic.
    • An very important feature of offshore equipment is its ability to work with the demands of the constant salt-water environment thus making the usage of the highest grade raw materials. Economized usage of Space and weight is critical in designing an ideal system for an offshore platform usage.
    • A common layout of a platform means areas/zones are stacked on top of one another in a vertical arrangement. This usually requires multiple zone systems ensuring each area is suitably protected from the risk of fire.

Helidecks and Helipads

  • Helicopters can land and take off in the middle of built-up areas on the top of a highrise building, fixed offshore oil platforms, mobile installations etc , Thus the protection of these facilities is critical to saving lives and property. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed and adopted NFPA 418, Standard for Heliports to provide a guideline for minimum safety standards. 
  • NFPA 418 requires the usage of low expansion foam fire fighting system to be installed for all roof top heli-ports. Apart from extinguishment of fires, the foam system can be used to prevent the ignition of fuel spills by covering the spill with a foam blanket. 
  • As per NFPA there are two type of protection
    • The first is foam hose lines, which can be either portable, using an eductor and nozzle or pick-up nozzle with hose and a supply of foam concentrate in buckets all stored in a cabinet. It may also be a permanently installed proportioning system piped to fixed hose reels or racks. 
    • The second method is a fixed proportioning system permanently piped to monitors or fixed spray nozzles strategically located around the periphery of the landing pad.

Defence & Aviation

Aircraft hangars are unique structures with configurations and contents that can pose unusual hazards. Often very large with high ceilings, they typically house aircraft that are asymmetrical objects containing flammable or combustible fuel.

  • NFPA 409 requirements are generally intended to protect the structure (hangar) Foam fire suppression systems are designed to deal with a fuel spill or leak under an aircraft. 
  • Firetech has designed, manufactured and supplied High Expansion Foam Generator System and Foam Sprinkler System with Foam Bladder Tanks Proportioning Skids for fire protection of Aircraft Hangars. High Expansion Foam Generators, UL Listed Foam Sprinklers and UL listed Foam Bladder Tank based Foam Proportioning Skids manufactured by us have been supplied to esteemed clients like Indian Air Force and international clients such as Govt. of Kenya for their VVIP Aircraft Hangars..

Special Projects

At Firetech we always believe in design engineering and believe in supporting our customers to address their fire safety needs. We are always ready to help and hear all your fire safety challenges, in process we have designed and supported for Special units and skids like Bladder Tank with Multi Proportioners Skid, Twin Agents Skid, Pre-Mix Foam Solution Skid are made on demand.

  • One classic where in put the safety of the nation first. After understanding the unique requirement for the fire fighting requirement inside submarine. We rredesigned Compressed air foam system for the fire fighting station used in sub-marine. Here we were with our customer entire cycle of Research & Development cycle to prototyping showing proof of concept and finally to supply which took 5 years. Already supplied 8 such stations.
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