High back Pressure Subsurface Foam Generators

Firetech High back Pressure Foam Generators are used to discharge foam onto the liquid surface stored in the tank from low levels. Firetech HBP systems are used with fixed roof storage tanks only and not recommended to be used with floating or internal floating roof tanks. Sub-surface method not to be used on tanks storing hydrocarbon-based fuels. Also, not suitable for use on tanks storing alcohol or polar solvent type liquids that are soluble in water. Air is sucked and introduced into the solution flow to create a forced expansion inside the equipment. The equipment is installed outside the dyke pool of the tank to be protected.

    • Maximum Allowable working Pressure: 12.06 Bar
    • Foam Concentrate: AFFF/ AR-AFFF 3% UL Listed
    • Inlet size: 50/80/100/150/200 NB
    • Flow Range: up to 14480 LPM
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