Foam Water Hose Reel Station

Firetech Foam Water Hose Reel Stations is a compact designed and

engineered system that works on system water flow and pressure.
The purpose of these systems is to quickly operate and suppress in
turn control the fire spread in case of an emergency fire scenario.
The system is designed for fixed installation that uses system water
flow and pressure for foam application on fire areas. The system
consists of a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning
equipment that is an inductor, a hose, and a discharge device like a

nozzle. The system is very easy to install and set up for quick

operation having an effective attack against a hazardous fire


  • Hand Nozzle is a non-air-aspirating type, which has a better stream and gives a constant flow whether on straight stream or fog patterns. Nozzle flow rate is 95 gpm @ 100 psi
  • Foam concentrate storage tank is available in CS/SS
  • Hose reel is stainless steel and is mounted on top of tank
  • Designed for continuous operation hence foam tank can be refilled during the operation of the unit
  • In case unit is to be used with water only, In-line inductor pickup tube has manual ball valve that can be closed

FT_Foam Water Hose Reel Station_TDS_v02 (4)

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