Customized Solution


At Firetech, we pride ourselves on the engineering capabilities that we have. We have Customized Products and Services (CPS) Solutions to suit customer’s fire detection, protection and suppression needs. Our team specializes in customized layout design, product engineering, manufacturing and commissioning to ensure we offer end to end solution to customers. We provide unmatched customer support and help our clients in protecting their critical assets.

Some of our past CPS solutions include –

  • Foam Skids
    • Foam Pump Skids
    • Foam Proportioning Skids
    • Inline Inductor Skid
    • Multiple Bladder Tank Skid
    • Turbine Driven Foam Pump Skid
    • Hydro-pneumatic Foam Skid
  • Twin Agent Skids
  • Rimseal Foam System
  • Water Spray System
  • Water Curtain System
  • Foam Sprinkler System
  • Foam Systems